About Us

About Us

Road Safety and Accident Prevention, Rajkot based Roger Motors company started a non profit organization ‘Roger RAPO’ – A Committed Voluntary Organization working towards Road Safety & Accident Prevention in 2014. Since then it has been engaged in various accident preventive activities under their “Safer Highways” campaign.

Roger Motors has won many national awards; with outlet chains in Gujarat and neighboring States. Roger Techssories, promotes and makes internationally approved and recommended safety gadgets and devices available locally. Life saving, safety & comfort related technical car accessories, which can save lives from accidents include: tyre pressure monitoring system (mandatory to install on all vehicles in Europe, America & other developed countries since 2007), nap sensor or night driving alert etc.

With an idea to give back to society, this social initiative, Roger Road Accident Prevention Organization (RRAPO) Charitable Trust, came into existence.Managing Director of Roger Motors, Mr. Kripalsinh Jadeja, who luckily escaped, thrice from severe car crashes; wanted to do something concrete for this cause of accident prevention. And hence Roger Rapo was born.

Vision & Mission

Roger RAPO Vision

Reduce Road Accidents taking place because of drivers’ negligence, by imparting technical and sensible knowledge of driving.

Roger RAPO Mission

By 2030 reduce the 78 percent* of the road accidents caused due to drivers’ negligence to 0%, by implementing innovative systems to educate vehicle owners/drivers to drive sensibly

(* Percentage Mentioned in the Synthesis Report Published by the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways in the year 2011)

Aims & Objectives

The Roger RAPO has been mainly emphasizing on driver’s education, through all its activities. It revolves around an idea, ‘How to avoid mistakes made by the drivers, knowingly or unknowingly, while driving on highways?”

Roger RAPO has been mainly concentrating all its efforts by keeping in view highways and highway drivers because most of the deadly accidents have been taking place on highways due to long journeys which leads to fatigue and loss of concentration.

To educate drivers on highways, Roger RAPO people generally select those probable points, where a car driver will take a break to get refreshed. These places are ideal to converse with them. Even if a single person adopts their tips and avoids an accident, all the efforts are worth it !