Seminar, Lectures & Workshops

Roger RAPO is conducting Seminars, Lectures and Workshops for Mass awareness regarding accident prevention. Trainers and Experts from Roger visit  Schools, Colleges, Industries, Associations, Community Groups and teach various aspects of Safe Driving to participants.

Free distribution of safety gadgets

As part of their Corporate Social Responsibility, Roger Motors through Roger RAPO, give active safety gazettes like ‘Night Driving Alert’ to private bus and taxi drivers free of charge, who are prone to night driving on long routes and their chances of dozing off while driving at night are high. The aim of this activity is to prevent road accidents caused due to human errors.


Technical Awareness Camp

Roger RAPO organizes day camps at various places, on highways and cities. During the camp, experts from Roger Motors volunteer for the cause and for the entire day educate each and every driver participating in the camp.

Till Date more then 59 such camps have been conducted  and more then 30000 car users have benefited in these camps

Roger Car Tips Book

To educate car users on a mass level, Chairman of Roger RAPO, Mr. Kripalsinh Jadeja, has written and compiled various car tips in a book, which educates readers on various topics such as how to drive defensively, what are the technicalities and functions of various active & passive safety systems in a car, and much more.


Roger Car Tips Audio CDs

These car tips were converted into audio format and distributed in the form of Audio CDs. The CDs were comprised of Audio Car Tips along with contemporary songs and these CDs have been distributed amongst  car users  free of cost on the highway so that while driving they can hear these awareness and education tips.